About Scouts BSA Troop 12 For Girls

Troop 12 Acton, Massachusetts was formed Feb. 1, 2019 with nine girls, on the first day Boy Scouts of America welcomed girls into the program. It launched thanks to the hard work of many people, but particularly thanks to the Acton and Boxborough Boy Scout Troops. In early 2018, Acton Boy Scout Troops 284, 32 and 1 formed a committee to start an all-girls troop in Acton, MA. All three Acton Boy Scouts Troops and Boxborough Troop 1 pledged to help, so the search was on to find at least five girls (minimum for a new troop) who wanted to join BSA.

By December 2018, it looked like the critical mass of girls had been found.

Forming a new BSA troop is a very large task, so all of the Boy Scout Troops said that they would be willing to have a "linked" girls troop to help the girl troop start. In a linked troop model, the all-boy and all-girl troops share a sponsoring organization and a troop committee. This gives the logistical support needed for the new all-girl troop.

The Boy Scout Troops encouraged the girls to visit all four troops, and left it up to the girls to decide with which troop to link. All the troops had very strong and impressive programs, and it was a very difficult choice for the girls. In a narrow vote, Troop 32 was chosen to be the boy's Troop the girl's Troop linked with.

Troop 32 has been extremely supportive to Troop 12. The two Troops typically have a joint opening ceremony, and then usually (but not always) split up into separate meetings. The two Troops share a few special events and outings, but do many separately as well.

Troop 12 has grown to 16 scouts, and welcomes girls from Acton-Boxborough and the surronding towns to come and join in the fun!